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Future Energy Consultancy Ltd is a reliable business partner for optimising your renewable energy and infrastructure portfolio. We provide independent consulting for your renewable energy and infrastructure projects.


We work under framework agreements with professionals and organisations in the renewable energy and infrastructure sector. We have experience in working globally and liaising with different stakeholders.


The way that power is consumed globally is changing at great speed and at Future Energy, we are doing our part in encouraging the transition to cleaner energy. We believe in advancing the low carbon agenda and taking urgent action to combat climate change.


Exceeding Your Expectations

Services for energy and infrastructure projects

Renewable M&A
Project Management & Due Diligence
Contract Management (Commercial Contracts/Contracting Negotiation)
Business Development

Business Meeting
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Renewable Energy Sectors

Solar PV & Storage
Other energy projects

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92 Walton Road, Bushey, WD23 FE


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